Anatomy reference and medical case sharing

summer 2017


Intuitive and economical employee management.

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Individual health planning, recording, notification and sharing

spring 2017

WELCOME to Admedix

Admedix, formally known as Advanced Medical Informatics, LLC develops products that leverage the most recent technical advances to maximize efficiencies of workflow, data gathering and information conveyance.

As the price of computer memory, bandwidth and hardware continually decrease, and the growth of the Internet seems to show no bounds, solutions to unique needs of disparate groups become readily available.

The explosive growth in the number of applications for computers and mobile devices illustrates widespread attempts to address those unique needs.

Admedix seeks to create solutions that offer the flexibility to address unique needs while maintaining simple, intuitive interfaces.

Are we all that different? Interestingly, maybe not.... Read More

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  • scheduling - tools to help avoid assignment errors..
  • distribution - automate the distribution of the schedule
  • communication - the key to creating an efficient work environment.
  • fun - it doesn't always have to be about work...

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